Types of Inspection

Types of Inspection

When you walk away from your dream property you remember the shining mirrors, spotless surfaces and sun filled rooms. Many people make the mistake of buying on these..Read More...


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Call Paul 0n 0431 416 650 to discuss your inspection requirements or complete the ‘free quote’ section on the home page to receive a guaranteed phone call from our inspector within half an hour.Read More...


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A rating system is a great way to get a snapshot of a property or compare several properties. As a leader in building and pre-purchase inspections, IPI developed a new rating system based on..Read More...

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Types of Property Inspections

Pre-Purchase inspection – for the home buyer

When you walk away from your dream property you remember the shining mirrors, spotless surfaces and sun filled rooms. Many people make the mistake of buying on these “honeymoon” feelings without a thorough independent building inspection. While you wander through the house imagining it as your own, our pre-purchase inspectors check 350 items and over 1200 possible faults.

By using technology to follow a rigorous procedure, nothing goes unnoticed and we find at least one problem in each pre-purchase inspection. That’s not to say the house is not your perfect home. By attending the inspection, we can show you all the faults and explain the repair process, so your perfect home doesn’t come with any surprises.

Unfortunately, according to statistics, unexpected repairs or “surprises” cost new owners an average $4500. Money that would have previous been used to upgrade appliances, or splurge on some decor will now have to be used on repairs. With an IPI pre purchase inspection, you can incorporate any repairs and maintenance into the sale price so that “little extra” leftover can be spent on making your new house a home.

An independent pre purchase inspection is also essential in making a fast, confident and fair offer. As a dependable company respected by building professionals, IPI can also connect you with a network of preferred tradesman who can supply quotes prior to negotiation. Therefore, the seller can incorporate exact costs into the price or agree to repair the property before settlement.

Independent Property Inspections guarantees a same day turnaround time for the pre purchase report, so you have your most important bargaining tool in time for negotiations.

Tax Depreciations Schedules

According to the ATO 52% of property investors don't claim all available deductions. 

Many property owners are losing thousands of dollars in tax credits by failing to take advantage of all property tax depreciation potential regardless of age.  All properties are eligible and contain depreciable plant that should be revalued and given a new effective life from the date of settlement.

We will guarantee at least twice our fee back in the first claimable full year or your money back. Of course, our reports are ATO compliant and our fee is 100% tax deductible.

Maximise your tax savings now. Start saving thousands of dollars on your future tax returns.

Pre-Sale Inspection – For the home seller

When you sell your home, you are letting go of the hard work you’ve put in over the past years to add value or maintain it in great condition. With an IPI Pre-sale building inspection, you can be confident knowing there won’t be any surprise findings or demands from the buyer.

Unlike many inspectors, IPI doesn’t focus just on the negative. Our building inspection report will also highlight the aspects of your property that make it special
and unique. The report will give credit to the hard work you’ve put in and expose buyers to hidden gems they may have overlooked.

By getting an Independent Property Inspections Building Report, you demonstrate to the buyers that you know the property inside and out. You can confidently state your asking price emphasizing that “it has been reduced to takes into account any repairs or maintenance”.

IPI can also provide you with a listing of preferred suppliers who can give you quotes for repairs, so you can ensure the buyer doesn’t exaggerate costs or ask to “split the difference”. By owning the knowledge, you control the negotiation.

Other reports include:

  • Asbestos Auditing: so you can feel safe in your own home. 
  • Asbestos Registers: compulsory for all commercial landlords
  • Handover Reports: An extra set of eyes on your new construction. No one else checks your new home for quality of workmanship and quality of materials
  • Special Purpose: custom reports to suit your needs, every time!
  • Rental Property Condition Report: not all tenants are perfect, so protect your property with an independent inspection.
  • DVD Walkthrough: see the property form every angle, as if you were there.

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