Types of Inspection

Types of Inspection

When you walk away from your dream property you remember the shining mirrors, spotless surfaces and sun filled rooms. Many people make the mistake of buying on these..Read More...


Booking Procedure

Call Paul 0n 0431 416 650 to discuss your inspection requirements or complete the ‘free quote’ section on the home page to receive a guaranteed phone call from our inspector within half an hour.Read More...


5-Star Rating

A rating system is a great way to get a snapshot of a property or compare several properties. As a leader in building and pre-purchase inspections, IPI developed a new rating system based on..Read More...

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Since buying or selling a home can be a dizzying process, Independent Property Inspections guarantees your report is completed the same day or it's FREE. When buying a home, you are often pressed for time, which can lead to an offer you are unsure about. With IPI, you can have a comprehensive report completed the same day of the building or pre-purchase inspection, giving you time to decide on an offer you are confident with. On the other hand, when selling a home, getting an IPI report can prepare you for last minute negotiation. You can confidently address any of the buyer's concerns, reassuring them that everything was taken into account when determining the asking price.

It is through our custom technology and organisation that we can guarantee a meticulous building inspection and deliver a report same day. Independent Property Inspections is the only company who has developed a training course to ensure all property and building inspectors deliver consistent reports every time. When buying or selling your home, partner with a company that is focused on prompt service and customer satisfaction.

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