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Types of Inspection

Types of Inspection

When you walk away from your dream property you remember the shining mirrors, spotless surfaces and sun filled rooms. Many people make the mistake of buying on these..Read More...


Booking Procedure

Call Paul 0n 0431 416 650 to discuss your inspection requirements or complete the ‘free quote’ section on the home page to receive a guaranteed phone call from our inspector within half an hour.Read More...


5-Star Rating

A rating system is a great way to get a snapshot of a property or compare several properties. As a leader in building and pre-purchase inspections, IPI developed a new rating system based on..Read More...

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Independent Property Inspections Melbourne

About Us -

At Independent Property Inspections Melbourne, we strive to bring knowledge, experience and a professional approach to an industry dealing with your most valuable asset: your home.

Specialising in pre purchase property inspections, Tax Depreciation Schedules and Asbestos Reports for both residential and commercial properties, servicing all of Greater Melbourne and Geelong. Because our inspectors follow strict procedures and codes to meet expectations and deliver above standard, same day results, this means you will receive the very best service and reports at affordable prices.

They are the only inspectors in Australia authorised to deliver the “5 Star Condition Rating” which also shows you how good your home is when compared to other homes of similar age that have been reasonably maintained.

Whether you are buying a home or an investment property, our professional building or pre-purchase inspection report will educate you about the property, giving you detailed information and peace of mind to increase your bargaining power. You will know exactly what you are buying. By negotiating all repairs into the sale price or your offer, you will ensure a fast and fair purchase.

One of benefits of dealing with a nation-wide, independent building inspection company is our guarantee of consistent service and delivery by qualified and professionally trained inspectors. With an obsession for accuracy and detail in reporting and delivering a premium service you are in good hands with IPI (Independent Property Inspectors).

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